Updates – Digital Grades and Diplomas exam

Trinity College London is incredibly excited to announce the launch of its brand-new Digital Grades and Diplomas which, from November 2020, will provide an online platform for the assessment of music grade and diploma exams. We are delighted to be able to make digital music exams available to teachers and candidates in all our markets, meaning that whatever the challenges the rest of this year brings, candidates will be able to continue taking their exams digitally.

From November, candidates in Hong Kong will have the choice of doing the Digital Grades and Diploma exams. The online platform will allow candidates to submit video recordings of their work. Candidates will be required to upload their work as one continuous video performance, which will be assessed by one of Trinity’s Examiners.

In Music Graded Exams, candidates will be required to upload a performance of their pieces and technical work; the assessment of the supporting tests or session skills will not be part of the submission. Instead, examiners will be applying an additional set of performance criteria that assesses the key musical skills underpinning the supporting tests requirements within the context of the whole recital.

In Music Performance Diplomas (only offer ATCL & LTCL), the exam requirements are unchanged.
FTCL is not available through the Digital Diplomas at this time and can only be done when face-to-face exam resumes.

At this time the Digital Grades and Diplomas will be available for solo grades only. More details on the adaptations to all of the syllabuses will be made available on our website shortly.

For further information, please see below link:

Trinity (HK) Music Centre
12th October 2020