Performance is at the heart of Trinity’s graded music assessments as we believe that musicianship is most effectively demonstrated through practical performance. Our exams are numbered from Initial (in many subjects) to Grade 8. The Initial exam acts as an introduction to the exam system for new performers.

The music you want to play
Learners progress in their own musical style by choosing from lists of pieces or songs carefully selected by experts.

The performer you want to be
Our performance-grounded technical work and supporting tests are specifically designed to develop learners’ skills through the music they play.

The recognition you deserve
Candidates are assessed through an externally regulated and internationally recognised exam system, with over 140-year heritage that you can trust. They can gain UCAS points for Grades 6-8.



Available instruments in the exams:
Acoustic guitar
Classical guitar
Drum kit & percussion
Electronic keyboard and organ
Jazz Woodwind
Theory of Music
Piano & Piano accompanying

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