About Exams

  1. 1. Does the Trinity College London music exam syllabus have an expiration date?

    Starting from the end of 2023, all Trinity College London music exam syllabus have been gradually revised to “From 2023” and will have an indefinite validity period*.
    * copyright and territory dependent

  2. 2. Can I apply for same subject & level in one exam session?

    Face to face exam
    No. No more than one entry will be accepted per candidate per session in the same grade and subject. Over-payment will not be refunded.

    Digital exam
    Yes, but each examination video submitted must be a video that has not been previously submitted. If it is discovered that the same video has been submitted before, the examination will be invalidated and the examination fee will not be refunded.

  3. 3. When selecting songs for the Rock & Pop music video exams, what should be considered?

    1st song
    Choose one exam song from the Rock & Pop exam song book for the chosen subject and level.

    2nd song
    Choose one exam song from the Rock & Pop exam song book for the chosen subject and level
    Own choice song (Candidates must ensure that the chosen song meets the requirements of the selected exam level. For more details, please refer to the content of the examination syllabus.)

    3rd song
    Choose one Technical Focus Song (designated with [TF]) from the Rock & Pop exam song book for the chosen subject and level.

    *Candidates need to clearly indicate on Submittable which song they have chosen as the Technical Focus Song.

  4. 4. What are the requirements for the exam video?*Only applies to digital examinations

    When recording the examination video, please note the following:
    – Choose a quiet room without interference or background noise
    – Avoid standing in front of a light source to prevent the candidate from becoming a silhouette and not being clearly visible
    – Exam video file should not exceed 1 GB. If the video file is larger than 1 GB, the candidate needs to compress it before uploading
    – Exam video must be recorded in one continuous take
    – Exam video file must be in mp4 or mov format

    For more information, please refer to the following link:

  5. 5. How to use Submittable to upload exam video and related files?*Only applies to digital examinations

    Please browse the following link to watch the instructional video:

  6. 6. Can I modify exam video and related files that have been uploaded to Submittable?*Only applies to digital examinations

    All exam video and related files that have been uploaded to Submittable cannot be modified in any way.
    Candidates must confirm that it is correct before submitting.

  7. 7. How should I write the Written Programme for the Music Performance Diploma Examination?

    Please browse the following links to view relevant content:

  8. 8. I would like to submit my own program for taking the Music Diploma Performance Examinations, what should I do?

    Please log in to the following webpage to submit your complete list of exam repertoire to Trinity College London:

  9. 9. Will Trinity College London/ Trinity Hong Kong Music Centre provide accompanists or page turners for candidates?*Only applies to face to face examinations

    No. Candidates for music performance diploma exams are responsible for their own accompaniment or page turners. In addition, the accompanist should only be present in the examination room when the candidate requires musical accompaniment. Examiners will not act as accompanists or page turners at any time.

  10. 10. Is interpretation service provided for face-to-face Music Performance Diploma exams?*Only applies to face to face examinations

    No, interpretation services will not be provided for face-to-face Music Performance Diploma exams.

  11. 11. If I am having bulky instrument face to face exam (e.g. percussion, organ or harp etc.) Where will I take the exam?

    Percussion or Organ
    1) Our center will notify candidates of the exam details via email 3 to 4 weeks before the exam date, including the exam date and time.
    2) Candidates need to find a suitable test venue by themselves according to the test date and time provided.
    3) Candidates need to provide the floor plan and photos of the examination venue to the center via email for confirmation
    4) If the examination venue is confirmed successfully, the center will send the admission ticket to the candidate by mail.
    5) One week before the exam, the center will notify candidates by email about the examiner’s pick-up and drop-off arrangements.

    1) Our center will send the admission ticket to the candidates by mail 3 to 4 weeks before the test date, including the test venue, date and time
    2) Harps will not be provided at the examination venue. Candidates need to contact the examination venue and arrange for the delivery of the instrument.

About Enrolment

  1. 1. If a candidate has special needs, what can they do?

    Candidates need to fill out the application form and provide relevant supporting documents to our center at (info@trinintycollege.com.hk) for application.

    Please visit the following link to obtain the application form:

  2. 2. Can I request a specific exam date?

    Face to face exam
    Candidates cannot request a specific exam date. However, if a candidate is unable to take the exam on the specified date, they can indicate the dates/times they are unavailable on the online enrolment form and upload relevant supporting documents. We will try our best to accommodate the requested exam date, but we cannot guarantee it. Candidates should also avoid submitting too many dates they are unable to attend in order to facilitate the scheduling of the exam by our center.

    Digital exam
    Candidates can choose the time slot for receiving their Submittable account when filling out the online enrolment form. Trinity College London will send the Submittable account email to the candidate during the selected time slot via email. From the send out date of the email, candidates must upload their exam video and relevant documents within 28 days.

About Result

  1. 1. What is the timeline for receiving result and certificate?

    Under normal circumstances, candidates will receive their exam results within 4 to 8 weeks after completing the exam. Candidates who have successfully passed the exam will receive their certificates within 2 to 3 months after receiving the results. If candidates have not received their results within 4 to 8 weeks after the exam, please contact Trinity Hong Kong Music Centre at (info@trinitycollege.com.hk) via email.

  2. 2. What should I do if I lost my certificate?

    Please follow the following process to apply for a replacement certificate::
    1) Please go to the link below to download the application form first

    2) Candidates must fill in the following information:
    Centre name: HONG KONG
    Centre number: 286

    3) Please remit the replacement certificate price indicated on the application form (pay directly to Trinity College London, UK) and remember to take a photo or screenshot to confirm of the successful payment.

    4) Payment information is as follows:
    Bank transfer details:
    Account name: Trinity College London
    Account number: 01212316 Sort Code: 30-00-09
    IBAN Number: GB14 LOYD 3000 0901 212316

    5) Please email the completed application form and proof of successful payment to our center info@trinitycollege.com.hk for follow-up.


  1. 1. Where can I purchase Trinity College London exam music scores?

    Trinity College London music exam sheet music is available for purchase at Parsons Music stores in Hong Kong or through https://store.trinitycollege.com

  2. 2. What should I do if I lost my appointment slip? *Only applies to face to face examinations

    Reissue of appointment slip
    Candidates are required to send an email to info@trinitycollege.com.hk within 5 working days prior to the exam date to request a reissue of the appointment slip (original copy). When applying, candidates need to provide their full English name and ID card number. Each application for a reissued admission ticket must be accompanied by payment via cheque (Payable to: Hong Kong Trinity Limited) with a fee of HKD 150 (non-refundable).

    – Applications for reissuing appointment slip will not be accepted on the day of the exam
    – On the day of the exam, candidates must present the original appointment slip during registration

  3. 3. If I wish to re-arrange my examination time, what should I do?

    If a candidate needs to reschedule the exam after the appointment slip is issued, please apply within 3 working days of receiving the email notification regarding the appointment slip. Late applications will not be processed. Please email the following information to info@trinitycollege.com.hk for review by the center:
    i) Reason for not being able to attend the exam.
    ii) Relevant supporting documents, such as school exam schedules, student ID cards, and flight ticket proof (must include purchase date, travel dates, and candidate’s name).

    Candidates can only request a change in exam time once. The center reserves the right to refuse requests for exam date changes, and applications without the required supporting documents will not be considered. Due to various constraints, the center does not guarantee that all requests will be successful. If the request to change the exam time is successful, the center will notify the candidate via email within 3 working days after receiving the aforementioned information. Upon accepting the rescheduled exam time, the candidate must reply to the email confirming the acceptance and then visit the center’s office in person with the original appointment slip and the administrative fee payment cheque to complete the process. The administrative fee must be paid by cheque (payable to Hong Kong Trinity Limited), and the fee is HKD 400 (non-refundable).

    If the candidate does not receive the above notification, the candidate must attend the exam on the originally scheduled date.

  4. 4. What happens if the candidate is ill on the day of the examination?

    Candidate may apply a half fee Re-entry Permit in illness issue. Appointment Slip and the original medical certificate (in English only) for the exam date issued by a registered doctor should reach Trinity (Hong Kong) Music Centre within 7 working days (not include Saturdays / Sundays) after the examination date at the latest. Late application will not be accepted.