1. Q1. The syllabus I’ve been working on has changed. Can I use pieces from last year’s syllabus in my exam this year?

    If the songs you’ve chosen are out of the syllabus, you can grant a program approval from the Chief Examiner. Please prepare your program list either by mail or email to Trinity College London head office (attention to Chief Examiner) info@trinitycollege.co.uk. It takes at least 6 weeks to assess the program.

  2. Q2. Does Trinity provide an accompanist or page turner?

    No. It is the responsibility of the candidate to provide a suitable accompanist and page turner. Also, accompanists are only allowed in the exam room for the duration of the piece of music they are accompanying. Under no circumstances will the examiner do so.

  3. Q3. Who should I contact if my pupil has special needs

    A separate leaflet detailing Trinity’s provision for candidates with special needs is available from local representatives, please contact our centre or Email: info@trinitycollege.com.hk.

  4. Q4. I would like to submit my own program for taking the Diploma Performance Examinations, what should I do?

    Please prepare your program list by submitting to http://musicdiplomas.trinitycollege.com/. It takes at least 6 weeks to assess the program.

  5. Q5. Does Trinity provide interpretation service?

    Trinity provides interpretation service to initial to grade 8 candidates. $150 interpretation fee will be charged.

  6. Q6. Can I request a specific date?

    You cannot request a specific date, however, if there are any dates within the advertised week that you or your candidate cannot attend please state this in the entry form and provide relevant supporting document. These date exemptions cannot be guaranteed but Trinity Hong Kong Music Centre will do our best to work around your requests. The more dates you make yourself unavailable for the less likely it is that we will be able to accommodate you.

  7. Q7. Where can I buy Trinity Music?

    Music can be purchased from Parsons Music or please contact music@trinitycollege.co.uk.

  8. Q8. How to write diploma programme notes?

    Diploma candidates are reminded that the written programme notes must be their own original work. Of course candidates can look up composers and musical works on the internet but must re-write any information in their own words, and then add their own thoughts on the music that they are playing. Any direct quotes should be referenced and the author’s name or the source of the information should be given at the end. Please be aware that examiners will check the notes for originality. Notes that are directly copied word for word from internet sources will lose marks in the Presentation section of the examination.

  9. Q9. If I am having bulky instrument (e.g. harp, percussions, organ, etc.) Where will I take the exam?

    Candidates will receive a notice by email for providing venue and date for the exam. However, we cannot guarantee the Venue and Date will be accepted as you provided. We will send out the confirmation letter to applicant after organized the schedule for Examiner. Also, notice for picking up examiner will be sent via email 1 week before the exam date.

  10. Q10. What should I do if I lost my appointment slip?

    Please do not hesitate to send a written request of replacement to info@trinitycollege.com.hk with your candidate name, candidate personal ID. A non-refundable admin fee of HKD$150 by cheque will be charged for each replacement.

  11. Q11. Can I apply for same subject & level in one exam session?

    No. No more than one entry will be accepted per candidate per
    session in the same grade and subject. Over-payment will not be refunded.

  12. Q12. If I wish to re-arrange my examination time, what should I do?

    After the examination appointment slips have been issued, Trinity Hong Kong Music Centre have the rights to reject the request of examination re-arrangement. Exam re-arrangement will not be considered if such request is neither without the proof of evidence (including copies of related documents such as appointment slip, official exam timetable issued by school, flight itinerary, boarding pass showing candidates’ name and date) nor is not submitted by email info@trinitycollege.com.hk within 5 working-days upon the date of postal. There is no guarantee that applications will be successful, due to various constraints. Administration fee ($400 by cheque) will be charged for any request of examination re-arrangement. You may submit the following information via email: info@trinitycollege.com.hk:

    1. Reason:
    2. Available Timeslots: (the more options and longer period, the better the chance)
    3. . Please attach supporting document (including copies of related documents such as appointment slip, official exam timetable issued by school, flight itinerary, boarding pass showing candidates’ name and date)

    Successful re-arrangement notice will be sent by e-mail within 5 working days upon receiving the above information.

    If applicant/candidate does not receive such notice, candidate MUST ATTEND AS THE ORIGINAL EXAM DATE.

  13. Q13. What happens if my candidate is ill on the day of the examinations?

    Please refer to the re-entry part in information and regulation.

  14. Q14. How long will it take to get my results and certificate?

    The Grade and Diploma results to the candidates will be 2 – 3 months after the examination. The certificate to the candidates will be 6– 9 months after receiving the result.

  15. Q15. If I failed the exam in last session, can I use the same program in the next exam session?

    The choice of summiting program note is completely the decision of candidate. Please make sure songs being chosen are on syllabus or you have already granted program approval before entering the exam.

  16. Q16. What should I do if I lost my certificate?

    For certificate replacement, please refer to: http://www.trinitycollege.com/site/?id=1655

    *Trinity Hong Kong Music Centre is not involving in this part.

  17. Q17. What should I do if I lost my result report?

    Please do not hesitate to send a written request to Trinity Hong Kong Music Centre by email (info@trinitycollege.com.hk) with your candidate name, candidate personal ID and exam session.

  18. Q18. If there is an overlap arrangement in place, what should I do?

    If there is a one-year overlap arrangement during which the old syllabus remains valid. During this calendar year, candidates may offer pieces and technical work from either syllabus but NOT a mixture of both. Please specify on the appointment form which syllabus is being used.