The Digital Grades and Diplomas are available for all our Classical and Jazz graded syllabuses (Initial – Grade 8),
Rock & Pop syllabuses (Initial – Grade 8)and the Music Performance Diploma syllabuses (ATCL & LTCL).They
enable candidates to record their pieces and technical work in one continuous takeat a place and time of their
choice and then submit the video recording via our online platform to be assessed by our expert examiners.
The exams have the same academic rigour as our face-to-face exams, and candidates gain full recognition for
their achievements, with the same certificate and UCAS points awarded as for the face-to-face exams.


Designed for digital
Responsive to a changing world, these exams have been designed to support teaching, learning and assessment through a
digital medium.

Your performance, your choice
Sitting alongside our face-to-face graded exams, digital exams provide even more choice and flexibility in how a regulated
graded qualification can be achieved.

Digital support content
Comprehensive online resources provide support to candidates and teachers throughout their digital exam journey.

Exam Information


*Only for candidates who have enrolled
NOV 2019/ APR-MAY 2020/ AUG-NOV 2020/ APR-MAY 2021 face to face exams


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