Kind reminder
Candidates MUST have their exam material ready for uploading at anytime before enrolling the exam.
Click here to view Official Exam Recording Venues
After successful enrollment, the Learning Portal account will be created and sent to the candidate by email (Applicant’s email) within 7-14 working days by Trinity College London. Starting from the issue date of the email, candidates will be given 14 days ONLY to submit their exam video and supporting documents. We suggest candidates to understand clearly with the exam content and filming instructions before enrolling the exam.

The enrollment period for Trinity Music Examinations 2021 (including Rock & Pop) are as below:

Digital Grades and Diplomas examination

Exam Type Enrolment Deadline Examination Fees Online Application* (Not applicable to re-entry)
Digital Music Grades No Enrolment Deadline Click Here Click Here
Digital Performance Diplomas Click Here Click Here
Digital Rock & Pop Grades Click Here Click Here

Please prepare a computer with Google chrome browser and EPPS payment account for further processing.
**Cell phones or tablets are not applicable to the online enrollment platform

Online Registration
Applicants are required to provide an image file of the following document:
i) Candidate’s Hong Kong Identity Card / Passport / Birth Certificate (for verification purposes only);
ii) For candidates who will perform pieces which not included in syllabus, approval letter from UK must be provided (for verification purposes only).

** Before entering into online application, please make sure that you have a PPS account with an 8-digit password as well as applicant’s mobile phone on hand (If you do not have a PPS account, please visit HERE for registration details), Examination fees must be settled on-line by PPS system only.

** Please write down your reference number after payment. It can be used for future enquiry.

** Please note: You can use a scanner or digital camera to produce the image file. Only JPEG, PDF, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF file will be accepted and all file size should not exceed 1MB, if the size is too large, please lower the resolution of the scanner or digital camera. In case of enquiries, please visit our website or contact hotline at (852) 2953 0822 or email for assistance.

Timeline of Digital Grades and Diploma exam