Trinity Music Exams

For the Rock & Pop exam, you will need to perform a set of three songs and one of the Session skills assessments – either Playback or Improvising. You can choose the order of the set list.

Component Option Pass mark Maximum mark

Song 1

Choose and perform a song from the Rock & Pop exam book. 15 25

Song 2

i) Choose and perform a song from the Rock & Pop exam book
ii) Perform an own choice/ original song (Please see details on p.19 in relevant syllabus)
iii) Perform a listed songs from the 2015-2017 Rock & Pop syllabus in relevant grade and subject
Click here to check out the listed songs of 2015-2017 Rock & Pop syllabus

*Candidates may choose to sing and play in Song 2, 
e.g. by adding vocals to playing keyboards or adding a guitar accompaniment to your vocals.
15 25



Choose either i) Playback or ii) Improvisation.

Performers play some music they haven’t seen or heard before, presented as both a song chart and an audio recording. They can listen to the audio to repeat what they hear, they can sight-read it from the song chart, or they can use both.

Performers improvise over a chord progression played on a backing track. They will be given a previously unseen song chart with the chord symbols and song style. The styles include blues, ballad, rock and reggae. Performers build on their improvising skills as they move through the grades.

12 20

Song 3

Choose and perform a Technical Focus song, marked with the [TF] sign from the Rock & Pop exam book. There are three Technical Focus songs from the book, which cover two specific technical elements. 18 30




*Candidates do not need pass all sections or any particular section in order to achieve a pass overall.

Kind reminder for Rock & Pop from 2018
If using the new syllabus, specified songs from the previous syllabus may be used as own-choice songs, as listed at note the revised parameters now apply for own-choice songs, which are printed in the syllabus. Selected a song from the previous syllabus that is not listed will result in a syllabus infringement. If a candidate brings their own song to the exam, the backing track must be on CD or USB. Using hand phone to play the backing track of the own song is no longer permitted.


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