Updates – Digital Grades and Diplomas Exams

Converting to Digital Grades and Diplomas exams are now available for all enrolled candidates It includes all grades including Classical & Jazz, Rock & Pop exams, from Initial to Grade 8, and performance diplomas (excluding FTCL).

For those enrolled candidates who are waiting to take their exams (Original Exam Session: NOV 2019/ APR-MAY 2020/ AUG-NOV 2020/ APR-MAY 2021), the Digital Grades and Diplomas is an extra option. They may choose to convert their exam to our Digital Grades and Diplomas exam. Trinity (Hong Kong) Music Centre has sent out emails to the affected candidates (to Applicant’s email address) with the exam conversion procedures. Affected candidates who have not received above email, please contact us at

Candidates who wish to convert their exam to the Digital Grades and Diplomas, please follow the instructions in the email. Candidates may ignore the email if they want to wait for the face to face exam to resume and please be patient. We are proactively communicating with London and hope it can resume very soon.

New enrollments for the Digital Grades and Diplomas exams will be coming soon. Please stay tuned for our official announcements.

More details of the Digital Grades and Diplomas exams:

Trinity (HK) Music Centre
26th November 2020