Enrollment Details for Trinity Music Examination AUG – NOV 2018 session are now released!!


The enrollment period for Trinity Music Examinations AUG – NOV 2018 session (including Rock & Pop) are as below:

聖三一(香港)音樂中心於2018811月份新一季度考試(包括Rock & Pop),考試及報名時間表如下:

Type of Examinations


Examination Session


Enrolment Date (Mail, in person or Parsons Music)


Online Enrolment Date

( Except Re-entry )

網上報名日期 (Re-entry 除外)

Trinity Music Examinations

(Practical) 術科考試

AUG –SEP 2018 19 MAR 2018 –29 MAR 2018 19 MAR 2018 –27 APR 2018
Rock & Pop Examinations

Rock & Pop流行音樂考試

AUG 2018
Trinity Music Examinations

(Practical) 術科考試

OCT –NOV 2018 21 MAY 2018 –01 JUN 2018 21 MAY 2018 –29 JUN 2018
Rock & Pop Examinations

Rock & Pop流行音樂考試

Theory of Music筆試考試 3 NOV 2018 01 AUG 2018 –15 AUG 2018 01 AUG 2018 –05 SEP 2018

For more enrollment information please visit  [Entry Form & Exam Fees] .

Note: Deadlines are based on the date of postage stamp chop.


This shows the examinations dates and closing dates for examinations at this center. Trinity reserves the right to alter the dates shown if necessary.

Entries must be submitted prior to the stipulated closing date. Trinity reserves the right to refuse any entries submitted after the closing date and a surcharge will be applied to all late examination fees.

The named candidate on the entry must be the candidate that attends the examination; under no circumstances may a substitute candidate replace the originally entered candidate. All Trinity examiners have the right to ask for proof of identity of candidates. In the event of impersonation, neither the original nor the replacement candidate will be examined.