New Piano Grades syllabus and repertoire books 2023

Largest selection of repertoire yet for 2023  An inspiring selection of 42 pieces at each grade across the 2021 and 2023 Trinity repertoire books covering the broadest range of styles and genres. Designed to support progression from the very beginning of a
pianist’s journey at Initial grade, right through to the advanced instrumental skills and musicianship of Grade 8. Candidates at all stages can now be assessed through playing more of the music they love.

Brand new 2023 books include music from Western classical to music from stage, screen and video games, 20th-century classical hits to global pop hits from around the world, jazz greats to Latin standards.
Our 2021 Piano repertoire and publications continue to be valid indefinitely*, providing a rich and ever-expanding repertoire collection to choose from, and encouraging candidates to continue performing the pieces they enjoy for as long as they wish.

*copyright and territory dependent

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