Statement of Clarification

Trinity (HK) Music Centre has been receiving inquiries about exam recordings, we hereby clarify few points:

  • Trinity College London and Trinity (Hong Kong) Music Centre did not send any emails to any parties for approval of examination venues for digital exam.
  • All exam recordings must follow the filming guidelines set by Trinity College London.

An excerpt of the filming guidelines is as follows:

1) It is mentioned in the guidelines that all exams must be submitted as one, continuous performance. If there is any evidence of editing or post-production then we will not be able to assess your exam. Candidates don’t need any professional equipment to film their exam, a smartphone or tablet will do, though they are welcome to use a professional camera or video camera if they have one, as long as the performance of the candidates can be clearly displayed. High-definition recording will cause the file being too large to be uploaded. The use of recording microphones or high-definition video cameras will not affect the exam results.

2) Candidates should choose a quiet and well-lit room to record the exam. Exam results will not be affected by the aesthetics of the examination venue.

For more details of the recording guidelines, please visit:

Trinity (HK) Music Centre
18th November 2020