Notice to Music Grade Candidate 2018


New Resources page from Trinity College London

  • A new support resources sit is now available with a range of videos, articles and handouts for candidates and teachers.


Supporting Tests (

Please ensure all candidates are using the new aural and improvisation tests from 2017

You are also directed to the Aural and Improvisation video playlists on our Youtube Channel: Here you can view mock candidates taking the new tests. Mark bands are provided in the video descriptions.

Sight-reading and Musical knowledge tests have not changed.


Piano Syllabus 2018-2020 (

The new piano syllabus is valid from January 2018. There is a one-year overlap arrangement during which the old 2015-2017 syllabus remains valid. During this calendar year, candidates may offer pieces and technical work from either syllabus but NOT a mixture of both.

Trinity has a slew of supporting resources wrap-around for teachers and candidates on the new piano syllabus. See for further details.


Singing Syllabus 2018-2021 (

The Singing syllabus follows similar arrangement to the piano syllabus stated above. Please note that Trinity College London Press has produced graded exam books for the singing syllabus with teaching notes, translations, audio pronunciation guides and recordings of the piano accompaniments and these are also available digitally from Tido at

Visit for further details and resources.


Rock & Pop from 2018 (

There is a new Rock & Pop syllabus from 2018. During this whole year, candidates may offer pieces from the 2012-2017 or the new syllabus. Please specify on the appointment form which syllabus is being used.

If using the new syllabus, specified songs from the previous syllabus may be used as own-choice songs, as listed at Please note the revised parameters now apply for own-choice songs, which are printed in the syllabus. Selected a song from the previous syllabus that is not listed will result in a syllabus infringement.

If a candidate brings their own song to the exam, the backing track must be on CD or USB. Phones are no longer permitted.

Trinity continues to develop its Practice App for candidates which now includes a Record feature, see

For the complete syllabus wrap-around, visit


Electronic Keyboard and Organ syllabus from 2019 (

The new Electronic Keyboard and Organ syllabus from 2019 will be launched in Oct 2018. There is a one-year overlap arrangement during which the old 2015-2018 syllabus remains valid. During 2019, candidates may offer pieces / technical work from either syllabus but NOT a mixture of both.


Performing alternative list pieces or repertoire from non-Trinity publications

Candidates are reminded to bring a copy of the music for the examiner should they perform pieces selected from alternative lists or pieces published on non-Trinity College London publications. This applies to ALL instruments.

Yamaha candidates choosing to perform a pre-approved YPC piece must make a copy of the music available for the examiner’s use.


Syllabus and publications errata

At all times, refer to the syllabus and publications errata found in our website for the latest amendments and clarifications. See for information.


Visit and for the latest news


YouTube Channels

Trinity College London has two Youtube Channels dedicated to providing high-quality marketing and exam videos and supporting materials for teachers and candidates.


Rock&Pop :