Important Notice to Music Diploma Candidates – 2018

Photocopies of Music
Candidates MUST provide the examiner with a copy of any / all music they are performing. Failure to do so will result in mark deduction.


Recital Timings

Please carefully note the recital durations and programme notes number of words for each diploma level, as listed in the Diplomas in Music: Performance and Teaching (from 2009) syllabus.

Recital timings which fall less than 2 minutes of the minimum duration stipulated will result in a mark deduction, and in extreme cases, disqualification.


Programme Notes
Candidates must list the individual timings of the pieces in the programme notes as well as the total time of the recital. Failure to do this may result in a mark deduction.


Size of Programme Notes

Please note that the recommended size of programme note is a folded A4 = A5 size.  Please refer to the diploma syllabus for further details.


Please note that we are Trinity College London (formerly known as Trinity Guildhall) in any reference to the name of the exam board.