There are two examination sessions a year in Hong Kong. Registration opens twice a year: November-December (for Apr-May examinations) and March-April (for Aug-Nov examinations)

Session Enrolment Period

Music Exam Digital Assessment (Graded exam, Diploma Exam, Rock & Pop exam)

<Hong Kong> Booking and conversion deadlines Video upload deadlines
Candidates intending on using the UCAS points
as part of their higher education application
25 JUN 2020 10 JUL 2020
Enrolled candidates in Hong Kong 13 JUL 2020 31 JUL 2020

Music Exam Digital Assessment >>>[Details]

*New candidates are welcome to register for this digital assessment.
Enrollment can be done in person at our Trinity Hong Kong Music Centre office on or before 13 July, 2020 (Monday).
Please bring along below needed documents for enrollment:
i) A photocopy of the candidate’s valid and official Hong Kong Identity Card / Passport / Birth Certificate (for verification purposes only)
ii) A Cheque with correct exam fees (Cheque payable to Hong Kong Trinity Limited)
iii) Approval letter for own choice repertoire (if applicable)
iv) Documents for prerequisites (if applicable)

The enrollment period for Trinity Music Examinations 2020 (including Rock & Pop) are as below:

Type of Examinations Examination Session Enrolment Date (Mailin person or Parsons Music) Online Enrolment Date (Except Re-entry)
Trinity Music Examinations (Practical) APR – MAY 2020 02 DEC 2019 – 16 DEC 2019 02 DEC 2019 – 13 JAN 2020
AUG – NOV 2020 16 MAR 2020 – 30 MAR 2020 16 MAR 2020 – 04 MAY 2020
Rock & Pop Examinations APR – MAY 2020 25 NOV 2019 – 09 DEC 2019 25 NOV 2019 – 06 JAN 2020
OCT – NOV 2020 18 MAY 2020 – 01 JUN 2020 18 MAY 2020 – 29 JUN 2020
Trinity Music Examinations (Written) 09 MAY 2020 13 JAN 2020 – 06 FEB 2020 13 JAN 2020 – 10 FEB 2020
07 NOV 2020 13 JUL 2020 – 27 JUL 2020 13 JUL 2020 – 10 AUG 2020

Note: Deadlines are based on the date of postage stamp chop.

For more enrollment information please visit  [Entry Form & Exam Fees] .

This shows the examinations dates and closing dates for examinations at this center. Trinity reserves the right to alter the dates shown if necessary.

Entries must be submitted prior to the stipulated closing date. Trinity reserves the right to refuse any entries submitted after the closing date and a surcharge will be applied to all late examination fees.

The named candidate on the entry must be the candidate that attends the examination; under no circumstances may a substitute candidate replace the originally entered candidate. All Trinity examiners have the right to ask for proof of identity of candidates. In the event of impersonation, neither the original nor the replacement candidate will be examined.



The applicant must be a person who aged 18 or over and acts on behalf of the candidate (or candidates) by being Trinity’s principal point of contact. Please provide valid postal and email address for receiving exam information in the near feature. Trinity cannot accept responsibility if the information given is inaccurate.


Practical Exam:

NO prerequisites

Photocopy of LTCL Cert/Report is required.
*All alternative prerequisites or approved prior learning must obtain prior approval. Please provide the approval reference number by the chief examiner. For issuing, please email to

Theory Exam:

Grade 1-AMusTCL
NO prerequisites

Photocopy of Trinity Grade 8 or AmusTCL Cert/Report is required.
*All alternative prerequisites or approved prior learning must obtain prior approval. Please provide the approval reference number by the chief examiner. For issuing, please email to

Unavailable Dates during exam period

If there are any dates within the advertised week that your candidate cannot attend please state the dates on the entry form and provide supporting document (including copies of related documents such as appointment slip, official exam timetable issued by school, flight itinerary, boarding pass showing candidates’ name and date). These date exemptions cannot be guaranteed but we will do our best to work around your requests. The more dates you make yourself unavailable for the less likely it is that we will be able to accommodate you.

*NO more request can be made 6 weeks before the exam period started or after the release of appointment slip.