Trinity Hong Kong Music Centre (THKMC) was established in Oct 1999. With the aim of facilitating Trinity College London Music Examinations for Hong Kong candidates, it manages classical music as well as Rock & Pop Examinations.

THKMC offers Examinations for more than thirty-two instruments as well as vocal examinations in Grade, Certificate and Diploma levels. Instruments include keyboards, strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussions. Pop music instruments include electric guitar, bass, drum and popular piano.

THKMC organizes series of master classes, examination workshops and individual tutorials prior to each examination period. All of which are delivered by experienced examiners of Trinity College London. Such activities can equip candidates for their coming music examinations.

Trinity Music Examinations are now widely recognized by music teachers and students over the world and the number of candidates entering the exanimations are on a rise over the past few years.