Withdrawals or refund

No refund or withdrawals will be made unless application for enrolment is not accepted.


If a candidate is ill and cannot take an exam as planned, the Trinity Hong Kong Music Centre must be informed as soon as possible. Applicant/Candidate can apply for a re-entry permit by providing a medical certificate current for the date of the exam and the appointment slip originally issued to the candidate.

The submission of original copies can be either by post or hand in to our office in person no later than 7 days right after the exam date.

Trinity Hong Kong Music Centre will forward the medical certificate and appointment form to Trinity College London, who will issue a re-entry permit for an exam at the same level in the same subject.

A re-entry permit can be used for an exam within 12 months of the original exam date upon payment of

50% of the entry fee current at the new date of entering. If a permit is used towards entry for an exam at a higher level, any difference in fee is also payable.

Notice will be made via email for picking up the permit at our office in 2 months after the end of exam session.


If you are not happy with the outcome of a results review or re-mark, you can appeal within 14 days of receiving the result. Regarding Appeals Procedure, please kindly refer to the follow link for further action:


Please note that for all appeals cases, the applicant / candidate should

  1. Complete the “Appeals form” AND
  2. a scan of your Examination Report form

Email to resultsreview@trinitycollege.com

Please refer to following details when filling your Appeals Form:

Centre name:   HONG KONG

Centre number:  286

Trinity Hong Kong Music Centre is not involving in this part.

General instructions for bad weather

Tropical cyclone warning signal No. 3 or Amber/Red rainstorm warning
– All exams will be held as scheduled.
– If the Hong Kong Observatory announces the weather will deteriorate, and Typhoon signal No. 8 / Black rainstorm warning is likely to be issued: candidates will be informed by the Trinity Hong Kong Music Centre of any special arrangements.
Tropical cyclone warning signal No. 8 or above/Black rainstorm warning

– If the Hong Kong Observatory announces Tropical Cyclone Signal No. 8 or above/ the Black Rainstorm Warning is then cancelled

At or Before 7.00am: Exams will continue as normal.
After 7.00am: Exams held before 1.00pm will be cancelled.
At or Before 11.00am: Exams held after 1.00pm will continue.
After 11.00am: Exams will be cancelled.
For exams in progress: Exams will continue for the full time allotted unless the Centre Supervisor judges the situation to be dangerous or otherwise problematic.
–       – Rearrangements will be noticed to all candidates affected.



For more information and regulations, please visit: www.trinitycollege.com/resource/?id=4978