2019 New Diploma Syllabus Updates



根據2018年6月Trinity College London公佈,現有2009-2018年Performance Diplomas Syllabus將有效至2019年7月31日,不設過渡。2019年8月1日後所有文憑考試將會使用2019年新大綱。




新大綱將會有新選曲列表、更新ATCL及LTCL的節目說明要求,以及加入更多評分準則的細節指引。演奏要求,如自選曲目,則大致沿用。 詳情請留意本網站消息發放。




New Performance Diplomas Syllabus from 2019


The 2009-2018 syllabus will be extended until 31 July 2019. The new syllabus will be used from 1 August 2019 onwards.


Please note that there will be no overlap between syllabuses, so all exams from 1 August 2019 onwards will follow the 2019 syllabus.


The 2019 syllabus will be published in September 2018.


The new syllabus will feature refreshed repertoire lists, revised written programme requirements at ATCL and LTCL levels, and updated assessment criteria providing more detailed guidance on how exams are marked. Performance requirements, including own-choice options, will remain largely unchanged. Further details about syllabus changes will be released soon.





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